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Kim Cares, Inc is a non-profit organization that puts the people first. Launched in memory of her late mother Kimberly who transitioned in March due to a long vigilant battle with cancer, the owner desires to live out her mother’s legacy of feeding those within the community while helping them to get to a better place in life by connecting with the community resources. Kim Cares, Inc a family run business that desires to build the entire family by offering free meals to the homeless while empowering individuals with information that can change their life and put them on the pathway to a brighter future. The more we know, the more we are able to grow! Take the time to explore our website and learn of all the amazing services we are providing to the community.

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We truly believe that people perish due to lack of knowledge. A better life is something we all desire and can acquire when afforded the opportunity. Here at Kim Cares, Inc., we feed you physically and mentally. We desire to educate all of those willing to learn about the tools and resources available to create the life they always wanted but didn’t know how to achieve.

At Kim Cares, Inc., we’re not only going to feed you physically but we’re going to feed you mentally with the following programs and services:

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